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The Arc, Fayette  currently serves over 300 children and adults with developmental disabilities throughout Fayette County and surrounding areas. The agency currently employs approximately 75 employees who have varying degrees of experience in the human service field. Our Direct Support Professionals receive specialized training based on the needs of the people they support in addition to 24 hours of annual training. In addition to our Direct Support Professionals, The Arc, Fayette  holds contracts with Developmentalists, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, and Family Support Persons.


Contact Us:

Executive Director:  Mary Mossburg:  mary.mossburg@arcfayette.org

Administrative Officer:  Brenda Fike:  brenda.fike@arcfayette.org

Chief Financial Officer:  Mary Keefer:  mary.keefer@arcfayette.org

Human Resources Manager:  Barbara Outrich:  barbara.outrich@arcfayette.org

Adult Training Facility Director:  Lisa Friend:  lisa.friend@arcfayette.org

Director of Employment Services:  Megan Harvey:  megan.harvey@arcfayette.org

Director of Home and Community Habilitation:  Michael Dinan:  michael.dinan@arcfayette.org

Director of Residential Services:  Monica Gardner:  monica.gardner@arcfayette.org

Early Intervention Specialist:  Janine Zahand:  janine.zahand@arcfayette.org


Board of Directors

The Arc, Fayette's Board of Directors is comprised of community members, medical professionals, business leaders and parents of individuals receiving services.


Dan Spinelli -President

Tiffany Pluto-Vice President

Jerome Kaider-Treasurer

Tiffani Fisher-Secretary


Joseph Alexander

Caitlyn Anderson-Fiesta




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